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שעות עבודה א'-ה' 8:00-17:00
ליצירת קשר office@rmr.co.il
מספר טלפון 077-3457520

התעשייה 4, תל אביב-יפו

RMR Consultants - Accounting Firm in Tel Aviv

RMR is an Accounting firm in Tel Aviv that provide various financial services to small and medium businesses. The firm provide: Accounting services, Auditing services, Finance, Business Consulting and more. The firm fit the service to each client and focusing on measuring the business parameters. Our goal is to allow businesses the ability to evaluate and save resources and to focus on the business development. Our experience in various industries allows us to develop various business solutions and to provide quality business consulting to the customers in order to build strategy that fits the market situation, recognize opportunities, build business collaborations and create competitive advantage.




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Our Team

Idan Rizenberg

Dudu Mashraki

Omer Rrofe Haim

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